Cleaning Secret

With the Yetiş family, you can make your furniture sparkling in a very practical way. You can cover stains and scratches on mahogany furniture with a dark brown crayon. For Water Stains, wipe the water stains on the furniture with a damp cloth with a few drops of Yetis surface cleaner. You can also apply this paste, which is prepared by mixing a little fat or mayonnaise with cigarette ash, with a damp cloth as a polish. You can squeeze toothpaste onto a damp cloth, wipe it off, and rub it with oil and salt. To remove drops of wax from the wood, warm and soften the wax with a hair dryer and wipe it with a paper towel. Then, clean it by adding Yetiş Detergent to the water. You can easily clean sticky dust such as hair and pet hair by moistening a sponge in your hand. For Rust Stain, you can remove rust stains from metal furniture by rubbing with turpentine.


Instead of spending money on cleaning companies, the super effective Yetiş Cleaning Products will readily help you at home. There are various methods of getting rid of stains on your carpets. For hard-to-remove stains on the carpet, pour some soda on the stain and wipe it with a clean sponge. Dry and tough stains are a little more difficult to remove. For more difficult stains, mix 2 tablespoons of Yetiş detergent and 3 tablespoons of vinegar in one liter of warm water. Wipe the stain thoroughly with this mixture, put a dry cheesecloth or towel on it to absorb the water and dry. You can also get rid of it by brushing with Yetiş powder laundry detergent and hot water and wiping it with a cloth. To repair knitted rugs, you can try using glue instead of sewing. To clean carpets and rugs in dusty places, such as corridors or balconies, you can wipe the stains with Yetiş detergent and then wash them. Use iron to remove wax stains from the carpet. Put newspaper on the stain and press the hot iron on it. The melted wax is absorbed by the newspaper.

WITH THE YETİŞ FAMILY Practical Floor Cleaning Secrets

With Yetiş Cleaning Products, you can make everything sparkling at home from parquet to tile. You can rub the scratches on the wood surfaces and parquet flooring with wood polish using a fine sponge. As the last step, you can furbish your parquets with Yetiş Surface Cleaner. Yetiş surface cleaner is the solution to all of your problems for Heel Marks on the Floor. Polishing Wooden Floors: For those who do not want to use polish, we can also recommend trying the method of polishing wooden floors with cold tea. Put an old nylon socks on the long-handled cloths you use to wipe the floors, and dust, dirt and hair will be collected more easily, and you will take off the socks and throw them away.

WITH THE YETİŞ FAMILY Practical House Cleaning Secrets

For calcifications in the teapot that you’ve used for a long time, put half a glass of vinegar and half a liter of water and boil it thoroughly. Then, wash with Yetiş detergent and rinse with plenty of water. The ivory keys of your piano should be wiped with soft cheesecloth soaked with alcohol or lemon juice. Then, rinse and dry with a damp cloth. Place in a sunny location to prevent the ivory from turning yellow. Ballpoint pen stain can be easily removed when wiped with Yetiş detergent. Or, after spraying hair spray and waiting for it to dry, wipe it with vinegar water. Remove moisture with a dry sponge. For jewelry cleaning, squeeze toothpaste onto a soft cheesecloth or velvet cloth to wipe it. Then, polish it with dry cloth.